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Greetings from Bangkok

Its been the fourth day in Bangkok now I supposed. Have been exploring well almost all of the shopping markets, wholesale markets, shopping centers, only bought a few stuffs only though. It seems that prices over here are not as good as before. 

- Erawan Shrine (Four-faced buddha)
- Patpong for some shopping and a few drinks, seeing bikini-clad ladies (or some of them are actually trans) dancing with the pole. 
- MBK (Didn't buy anything there though)
- Pratunam Complex and Market
- Platinum (Must go for some clothes shopping)
- Pantip (Electronics shopping, just like Singapore's Sim Lim Square)
- Wat Po (Visits to the Reclining Budhha, Main Temple)
- Dome, State Tower (Having a drink on the top 64th of the hotel reveals a magnificent view of the city of Thailand)
- Suan Lum Night Bazaar (Great time for shopping, eating)
- Kao San Night Market (Probably going to go there tonight)
- Chinatown Sam Peng Lane (Nothing much to see though, probably because we couldn't find our way to the rows of shops selling cute stuffs, all we walked were rows of shops selling shoes, most of it were covered with dust) 

Oh well, and it's very hot. 
And I've temporarily lost my sense of smell and taste. Becase of my cough and blocked nose. Can't taste the good food!

On the last note, I thought Tiger show in Bangkok is really Tiger show. Haha. Dumb.


2 or 3 more days to the release of exam results!

4 more days to bangkok!


Well, actually there's nothing much to update, considering I've been working almost everyday for the past week or so. On a good note though, it means that I'll be expecting more money later when I check my account. (:

Work has been alright. It's just when sometimes you have to be extra careful in whatever you're doing to be wary of 小人 exisiting around. 

That's about it then. More to blog about after the holiday trip next week. (:



Imagine about 8 people drinking 4 bottles of Chivas within like 3-4 hrs. Can get wasted or not?
High, drunk and got sick the next day. Haha, didn't go to work in the end. 
But then, it was very fun though. (:

Nothing much going on these few days though
Just working, movies sometimes, saving up money for holiday trip!

Been spending the whole day trying to figure out how to D/L the PSP games. Damm the website which didnt work. Argh. 

And who could actually believe that the teacher would misplace our work for the 2nd time. tsk tsk. 
Well, at least we do not have to go back school to hand up the IJ.

Working 7am tomorrow
Good night early birds!


The 2 days of Istana

Overall, the two days working at Istana was fun, yet of course very tiring, especially the second day!

The first day, the cocktail reception, I was to do the distribution of the mandarin oranges and hong-baos to the guests who are leaving, together with Janet, Alexia and Agnes. We were practically slacking initially while the rest were busy serving drinks and clearing plates inside. But when the crowd comes, very busy saying "Happy New Year, Thank You" that sort of thing. It was quite fun though, seeing the guests also in a happy mood, smiling and some who shake our hands and joked with us. 

Second day of Istana, was supposedly the xiong day: 166 tables. Most of our khakis were working too! En Ci, Ling Zhen, Huiling, Thomas Chew. Too bad Daniel lost his IC har, if not he'll also be working too. We spent the 1 hr plus of the time during the PM speech slacking near the toilet/field area. Went down to the ulu but spacious field area whereby the stars and moon are present. All of us singing to the "Qing Fei De Yi" song, seems quite a romantic place to be. haha. 

Of course, the toughest part was when we're clearing the place after the dinner ends. Pushing the plate trolleys, garbage bins included to the loading area was no small feat. Our hands were smelly, our bodies were sweaty. =/ 

In the end, everything was in a rush since the police wanted us to clear everything by 12 plus. 

Finally reached the hotel, bath our legs at the basin. Funny! haha. The risk of letting others see the unglam side. 

After work, went for supper at Taman Jurong. Char Kway Teow, Carrot Cake, Chee Kueh, Min Jian Kueh. So much food! haha. Had my dinner earlier on at 4pm. So by 2am I was super hungry!

Anyhow, today was spent sleeping and slacking at home. Really tired after the two days of work.
On a good note, tomorrow is payday! Got to spend some time tallying my pay. hehe.





Anyhow, today/yesterday was in town to catch the new movie "Jumper". Hmmm.. not that bad, but not that good either. haha. 
Bought quite a few items for myself as well, creating such a joke. LOL.

Thinking that most of the restaurants will be fully packed with couples and people, we decided to then head to the 煮炒near my place for dinner. Cheap and yummy dinner for only $4. (:

Right now, I'm still contemplating whether to go for the NAPFA test tomorrow or not. If I go for the NAPFA test, then I'll miss out on the class reunion dinner. If I don't go, not sure if it will affect the transcript or not. How?

Think I shall catch my sleep first then 



Alrighty, I'm back after such a long long break.
School's unofficially over. Tests, projects and presentations are over. Poly life is going to be over soon. 
Looking forward to working, yet miss the wonderful people in school
Life's an irony isn't it?

Anyway, life's been good. (: 
Nowadays have been working, earning the extra cash for holiday in March. And its been pretty good cash working during CNY yea. Just like the other day working outside, the owner gave each of us $100 hong bao. *ka-ching*

Shouldn't be elaborating in details on what I've been doing, otherwise it will be a 100 page long journal. haha.
Later will be collecting 余生 from Mandarin. Anyhow, today's everybody's birthday. 
So Happy Birthday!



let's make this easy. what i want...

  • portable hard-disk
  • lacoste bag (summer tote bag)
  • lacoste polo tee (lime green/light blue)

  • topshop voucher
  • shopping voucher
  • all those vouchers
  • hongbaos will be most welcome (:

thanks but no thanks. no soft toys, decorative items, photo frames and things you can get from "More than Words"

im back, not yet.

im just a follower